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Fact Sheet May-18

Tatton Core Aggressive

Cumulative returns1


The Tatton Core Aggressive portfolio strategy returned 2.3% over May 2018. The average return for the industry peer group (Investment Association - IA Sector) was 1.7%, meaning the Tatton portfolio outperformed by 0.6% over the month. Over the past 12 months, the Tatton portfolio has returned 7.8%, which was 2.9% above the average 4.9% gain of the corresponding IA sector.

performance %
12 months 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 average
Tatton Core Aggressive 7.8 14.6 19.1 4.8 3.4 19.8 11.6
IA OE Flexible Investment 4.9 11.1 14.2 2.1 4.8 14.8 8.7
performance %
month three
3 year 5 year since
Tatton Core Aggressive 2.3 3.1 2.1 32.4 57.7 80.9
IA OE Flexible Investment 1.7 1.6 0.6 21.3 39.8 56.8

The above tables show the performance of your portfolio and also the average fund performance of the Investment Association (IA) peer group benchmark that broadly matches its profile. The short-term variances in performance between these are within normally expected ranges.


The leading objective of this portfolio is to maximise potential returns for a given level of risk. Tatton’s portfolios are designed to fit within the risk parameters of market leading risk profiling tools, for example DT’s Dynamic Planner or Morningstar, over the longer term. In terms of Dynamic Planner’s framework, the portfolio is designed to be suitable for Risk Profile 7. At Tatton, one primary measure of risk we use is the proportion invested in the riskiest assets, such as equities. For this portfolio, over the long-term, we would expect the proportion invested in equities to be approximately 90%. This strategic exposure may be adjusted over the longer term to maintain adherence to the risk limits. In the shorter term, Tatton may also adjust this weight tactically as economic and market conditions dictate while not deviating by more than ±12.5%*.

*The ±12.5% comprises a maximum ±10% Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) decision mandate and a ±2.5% buffer that allows for variation in prices, which can inadvertently drive the chosen allocation higher or lower (i.e. market drift).

Important notes

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Please be aware that adjustments to previously reported data can occur. The value of your investments and the income from them can fluctuate and it is possible that you may not get back the amount you invested.

All returns are calculated in £-Sterling and are shown after Tatton’s DFM fee and fund charges, but before all other fees, such as platform and adviser charges.

1 Source: FactSet/Trustnet. Valid at 31-05-18.
2 The portfolio was launched on 01-01-13.

About Tatton

Tatton is a trading style of Tatton Investment Management Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Financial Services Register number 733471. Tatton Investment Management Limited is registered in England and Wales No. 08219008. Registered address: Paradigm House, Brooke Court, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 3ND.

Portfolio asset allocation

Valid at 31-05-18.

Portfolio activity

There was no change to the asset allocation, or fund selection during May 2018.


The portfolio returns presented in this document are for information purposes only and should be regarded as indicative of the returns clients would have achieved with their actual investment portfolios, which are managed with the same investment style and risk profile. While client portfolio returns are expected to be very similar to the returns shown here, they may differ as a result of new monies having been introduced by the client, or withdrawn from the portfolio and/or the specific fee charging arrangements agreed between the client and the adviser. The performance does not account for the differences due to the limitations of a particular platform.

The information in this document does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation for any product and investment decisions should not be made on the basis of it.

Asset allocation: operational cash of 2% is required by the platform to cover costs and charges, any additional amount is for strategic purposes.

portfolio characteristics

Time horizon Minimum of 8 years
Risk profile Aggressive
Portfolio yield3 1.6
Standard deviation4 9.1

3 Portfolio yield is calculated as the rolling 12-month yield.

4 Three year annualised.

Top ten holdings %

Cash 11
BlackRock Collective Investment Funds - UK Equity Tracker Fund 10
Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe ex UK Equity Index Fund 10
Vanguard US Equity Index Fund 7.5
Vanguard Investment Series PLC - Japan Stock Index Fund 6.5
Invesco Perpetual UK Enhanced Index Fund 6.5
Schroder Tokyo Fund 5
Old Mutual North American Equity Fund 4.5
Old Mutual UK Alpha Fund 4.5
JPM Euro Dynamic 3


This portfolio is likely to be suitable for:

An investor who aims to produce significant long term investment gains and is not concerned if the portfolio sustains regular large fluctuations in value. An investor who is willing and can afford to sustain significant losses over a prolonged period of time.

Change of circumstances

If you feel that this profile no longer matches your investment objectives, or if your circumstances are likely to change, you should contact your adviser.